Become the professional of your own nutrition with the Power of AI

Teaches Individually

Anna views you as a unique individual with unique experiences, skills and perspective.

100% non-judgmental

Anna does not make judgments about your personality, skills, accomplishments, or other characteristics.

Knowledge from 1000+ scientific papers

Anna offers you a wide range of coaching techniques and methods to meet your needs and goals.

Available 24/7

Anna does not require sleep or a break. She is always there for you to tackle your individual challenges.


Anna listens to YOU and help
you build habits.

Our Values

Build Habits

You carry out nutrition challenges regularly and thus bring about long-term changes. Anna takes you by the hand and accompanies you every day.

One-One Coaching

Anna focuses 100% on you personally, so you get personalized nutrition coaching and get closer to your goal every day.


Get support and motivation from friends, share experiences and keep your focus. Your path will become easier and more effective. 

What is the best diet?
Wrong question!

You are unique!

And much more than your BMI!
Build healthy habits that fit your life.

Change your life like our users




“I was always struggling with strict weight loss programs and of course couldn’t afford a personal trainer. Now I have a personal coach in my pocket. Thanks Unlimitix!”




“Unlimitix have transformed my approach to weight loss. Instead of relying on restrictive diets and punishing workouts, I’m building healthy habits that are sustainable and enjoyable. The personalized challenges and expert guidance have made all the difference.”




“With Anna, the AI chatbot of Unlimitix, I receive personalized challenges every day and expert guidance on building healthy habits. It’s like having a personal coach in my pocket!”




“After trying several weight loss programs, I was skeptical of yet another app. But Anna exceeded my expectations with its easy-to-use interface and personalized approach. I’m already seeing progress and feel more confident than ever!”




“I’ve tried every diet out there, but nothing seemed to work for me. Then I discovered Anna, the weight loss app. With personalized meal plans and daily reminders, I finally found a plan that fits my lifestyle and helps me reach my goals.”




“As someone who struggles with motivation, I never thought I could stick to a weight loss program. But with Unlimitix and Anna, I feel supported and accountable every step of the way. The personalized challenges and habit-building techniques have helped me make lasting lifestyle changes.”




“Unlimitix’s AI chatbot, has been a game-changer for me. With daily challenges and expert guidance, I’m finally building healthy habits that I can sustain for the long term. I’ve already lost weight and feel more energized than ever!”

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